PHOTO: It’s not just housing which is getting bigger either.

Australia is again building the biggest houses in the world, data commissioned by CommSec from the ABS has found.

The average new house built in 2019/20 was 235.8 square metres, up 2.9 per cent on the year and the biggest increase in 11 years.

Latest data from the US, from 2019, saw their average house size build drop to 233.1 square metres, the fourth year in a row the figure has declined. Its most recent contraction was three per cent.

It’s not just housing which is getting bigger either.

The average size of an apartment in Australia is six per cent higher over the year, hitting a decade high of 136.8 square metres.

The ACT built the biggest houses in Australia in 2019/20, ahead of Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Despite lifting six per cent last year, the average house in NSW is six per cent smaller than Victoria.

The smallest new houses built were in Tasmania, an average size of 179 sqm.

The biggest ‘other dwellings’, which incorporates townhouses and apartments, are found in Victoria, with an average of 155 sqm, followed by Western Australia at 150.5 sqm.