A 42-year-old Australian man named Joshua Allison has been sentenced to prison for a decade-long pattern of secretly recording 11 young women, including his female housemates. He went to the extent of installing a camera inside the bathroom wall of their residence.

Jailed real estate agent appears in court | WATCH

One victim, identified as M, shared her distress, recounting an incident where she discovered Allison filming her through her bedroom window after taking a shower. The real estate agent, who was caught attempting to film up the skirts of two young women at a Coles supermarket in January 2021, was subsequently arrested. A search of his Melbourne home revealed a flash drive labeled “The Collection.”

Real estate agent jailed

Despite Allison’s defense team citing a recent diagnosis of a “voyeuristic disorder” to mitigate his accountability, the judge dismissed the claim. The perpetrator, a father of one, received a sentence of four years and 10 months in jail. Additionally, he will be registered as a sex offender for life.

Naked man making FaceTime calls to female real estate agents