PHOTO: Rich through property

When it comes to the Australia’s wealthiest, property is king.

The List: Australia’s Richest 250, published by The Weekend Australian, has chronicled the nation’s wealthiest citizens, including 96 billionaires and 15 aged 40 and under with an average $1.27 billion fortune.

Topping this year’s list is Visy executive chairman and owner of Pratt Industries, Anthony Pratt, who boasts a fortune of $13.14 billion, made largely from producing boxes and packaging material.

The only woman to make the top 10, Gina Rinehart, took second position with a net worth of $13.12 billion, followed by Meriton’s 86-year-old owner and managing director Harry Triguboff, who has amassed a $12.31 billion property empire which now dots the Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast skylines.