new state homes

PHOTO:ANDY JACKSON/STUFF The Government is splashing out on infrastructure.

The Government is promising to double its state house building efforts, with 8000 new homes pledged in the 2020 Budget.

The $5 billion house building effort is expected to roll out over the next five years, and $570 million in rent subsidies — used to fund the building or acquisition of state homes — has been included in the Budget.

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Housing and infrastructure loomed large in the spending announced by the Government on Thursday. On top of the thousands of state homes promised, there was $56m for insulating 9000 old homes, and a $3b boost for infrastructure projects.

The Government has pitched the Budget as a $50b response to the coronavirus crisis, the fine print including $16b of funding announcements for 2020, $14b spent in recent months, and another unallocated $20b in the back pocket in case it’s needed.



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