Buyer teleportation

PHOTO: The new technology offers a new level of engagement on top of virtual inspections. Picture: AAP Image / Julian Andrews Source: News Corp Australia

Teleportation is set to be the next frontier for home buyers and renters as the real estate industry embraces technological change brought on by coronavirus.

Buyer teleportation will be the next frontier crossed in the home purchasing experience as the real estate industry embraces new technology with open arms – but it won’t quite be as Star Trek knew it.

As Australia’s 5G network continues to expand, with it will come a series of technological advances largely unknown, or unable to be fully utilised and commercialised, until now.

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That change will come to real estate, with a 360 degree, virtual reality, real time, “teleport solution” set to transform the home buying experience.

“This takes technology to the next level,” explains Harvey Wright, Optus’ Head of 5G.

“It’s a totally immersive experience. It’s as if you’re actually visiting the property. It allows you to really get a feel for the place, without leaving your own home.”

Sellers agents and vendors cleverly leveraged technology to smoothly adapt to the restrictions placed on the industry to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Buyers responded in kind – over the last two months the number of digital inspections viewed on has jumped by almost 400 per cent when compared to the same period prior.

Using the video tool Hatch Avatour, the 5G network allows the buyer to be transported from a remote location, anywhere in the world, to the property they are interested in and allows them to interact with the people there, including the selling agent.