Blockhouse Bay


PHOTO: BARFOOT & THOMPSON This is the Blockhouse Bay house where the five girls in the Meekel family grew up. Many years after leaving home and starting her own family, daughter Marianne Booth and husband Ian bought back the house for their own family of six.

Marianne Booth can’t quite pin down the reason she and her husband Ian bought her childhood family home in Blockhouse Bay nearly 24 years ago.

But the recently retired school principal knows it wasn’t just the fact it was a good asset. It was more to do with the emotional tie she has to the home where she grew up, one of five girls in the Meekel family.

“I love this house; I love the garden; I love everything about it,” she says. “Even though we have changed it, I feel so comfortable here. But I am not sure if it is the history, or just the feeling of peace I get when I walk in the door.”