PHOTO: LIZ McDONALD/STUFF – An open home plays a key part in selling a property.

I want to sell my property but I don’t like the idea of strangers looking through my house when I’m not there. Having an open home sounds like a big privacy and security risk. How do I prepare for it and how do I make sure the agent is keeping an eye on the people in my house?

Shortly after a house goes on the market, your licensed real estate agent or salesperson will want to welcome potential buyers (and let’s be honest, a few nosy neighbours) to view the property at an open home.

While most house hunters begin their property journey online, with listings full of photos, videos and in some cases even virtual reality tours, nothing beats seeing the real thing in person.

That’s why an open home, or even a series of open homes, plays such a key role in selling a property.

It’s natural that you have concerns about privacy and security – after all, you’re inviting complete strangers into your family’s home.