Mortgage debt

PHOTO: Mortgage debt

It covers $48 billion of loans.

It was 154,00 home loan deferrals at the COVID-19 peak.

There were 250,000 deferred loans all up, as 15 per cent of its business loans are also deferred totalling $14 billion in deferrals.

But its recent home lending has proved resilient, rising by 1.3 times the average of the system, or $18.4 billion over the year.

There was $100 billion in new home lending, with just 25 percent going to investors.

It equated to four per cent volume growth.

The average home loan was at a record $352,000, up from $317,000 a year ago.

Home loan arrears sit at low levels.

Some 40 percent of CBA borrowers are one year or more in advance in their payments.

The portfolio LVR remained stable.

It advised 70 percent of its book originated under tighter lending standards adopted in 2016.

The book has split 68 percent with owner occupiers; 30 percent investors and 2 percent with a line of credit.