PHOTO: Buxton agent Tony Moorfoot with the new owners of the old Catholic church building in Mount Moriac. Source: Supplied

Buyers have jumped at the chance to purchase a historic Mount Moriac church building that they hope to convert into a family home.

A young family looking for an interesting home project had its prayers answered after buying an old stone church in Mount Moriac that it hopes to convert into a residence.

Buxton agent Tony Moorfoot said the local buyers paid $900,000 for the old St Patrick’s Catholic Church, at 1191 Princes Highway, after auction on Saturday.

Bidding reached $850,000 for the historic Mount Gambier limestone building with rural views over the Barrabool Hills.

Mr Moorfoot said there were multiple parties interested in the church building, but not all were able to buy under auction conditions.

“The buyers were a local young couple, we’ll have to wait to see what their plans are but it will hopefully have some residential living,” he said.

“They are pumped about the location … they wanted something unique and this big opportunity presented itself.”

The church was built originally in 1883 and rebuilt in 1953 after the community fundraised to resurrect the building when it was damaged in a storm.

The timber gables are a standout feature.

The timber gables are a standout feature. Source: Supplied