PHOTO: Australian cricket skipper Pat Cummins’ family home is for sale.

In a unique twist on backyard cricket, Australian cricket captain Pat Cummins and his older brothers used to intentionally soak their backyard to create a muddy and challenging playing field. They, along with their friends, would revel in the slippery and demanding conditions.

The house has generated a lot of interest in the community.

As the Cummins’ family home in the Blue Mountains goes up for sale, cherished memories come flooding back not only for Pat and his family but also for their close family friend and real estate agent, Daniel Jennings.

Mr. Jennings, of Dukes Estate Agents, shared, “It’s Pat’s childhood home, and the family has called it home for 38 years. There are countless memories associated with that house, especially the backyard.”

India v Australia - ODI Series: Game 1

Pat Cummins in action during game one of the One Day International series between India and Australia in September. Picture: Pankaj Nangia/Getty

Images of Pat and his brothers playing in the backyard. Source: Instagram

Growing up alongside Pat and his older brothers, Mr. Jennings also participated in cricket matches on the infamous wet backyard. He recalled, “After our cricket games, we’d head over to their place, and they’d soak down the backyard, turning it into a treacherous battleground for cricket.”

He added, “There was a lot of sliding, and they even had a trampoline at the back to act as the wicket-keeper. That backyard was like a cricket paradise – it’s not easy to find that much space in a typical backyard.”

The celebrated Ashes hero shared some of these backyard memories and images on Instagram, saying, “As a kid, I loved playing cricket with my two brothers in the backyard. We would prepare a pitch, wet the grass for extra speed, and even used the trampoline as an electric wicket.”

Mr. Jennings playfully noted, “Pat and his brothers were in a league of their own when it came to cricket. That’s why he became the captain of Australia, and I ended up selling real estate.”

The property where Pat’s cricket journey began is now available for sale in Mount Riverview, with an estimated price range of $1.5 million to $1.6 million. This four-bedroom home on Rusden Rd was where Peter and Maria Cummins raised their five children, including sons Matt, Tim, and Pat, as well as daughters Laura and Kara.

Maria Cummins sadly passed away in March following her battle with breast cancer, and Pat has previously spoken about her inspirational strength in fighting cancer while raising their five children. The home has already attracted significant interest from locals and people in the Penrith area, drawn to its substantial size of nearly 2000 square meters, prime location, and attractive price point.

Mr. Jennings acknowledged that selling the house is an emotional journey for the Cummins family, saying, “It’s definitely a significant moment for the family. They’ve been there for such a long time and are beloved in the community.”

Image of the “pitch” today, as the house is listed for sale.

He added, “Around here, you often hear people talking about Pat. They either taught him in school or played cricket with him. Everyone is eager to claim a connection to Pat.”

Over the years, the Cummins family has made updates to modernize the home, including open-plan living spaces, a new master ensuite, and a heated pool. The listing describes it as an “ideal sanctuary for a growing family” with an “open grass area that the kids will love.”

Australian Cricket Awards

Pat and wife Becky at the 2023 Australian Cricket Awards. Picture: Jonathan Ng

Currently, Cummins, one of the world’s premier fast bowlers in Test cricket, resides in Bronte with his wife Becky and their son Albie.