PHOTO: ABIGAIL DOUGHERTY/HOMED – Stuart Boone (left) and Jared Ward bought this run-down 1940s bungalow in Morningside, Auckland, and are on the last leg of a Block-style renovation.

Jared Ward applied to go on The Block NZ a couple of years ago, but was turned down. So he decided to go ahead and do it himself anyway.

The Auckland events manager found a 1940s stucco bungalow in Morningside he thought might suit, and asked his mate Stuart Boone if he would like to go halves and do the project together.

That turned out to be a good move – Boone, a video editor, is a bit of a Blockie himself. After a full day working on the house renovation, he would go home and spend the evening watching renovation shows on TV.