Matthew Perry

PHOTO: Matthew Perry. 1NEWS

Matthew Perry’s family has issued a statement following the actor’s tragic passing at the age of 54. They expressed their deep sorrow at the loss of their beloved son and brother, highlighting the joy he brought to the world through his acting and friendship. The family also conveyed their appreciation for the outpouring of love from fans and well-wishers.

Matthew Perry with mom Suzanne & sister Emily

Matthew Perry with mom Suzanne and sister Emily. GREGG DEGUIRE/WIREIMAGE

Matthew Perry was found deceased at a Los Angeles-area residence, reportedly in a jacuzzi, with first responders called for cardiac arrest. No drugs were found at the scene, and there was no indication of foul play.

Warner Bros. TV, the production company behind “Friends,” expressed their devastation at the loss of Matthew Perry. They praised his exceptional acting talent and the enduring impact of his comedic genius.

Matthew’s family background includes parents John and Suzanne, who welcomed him in 1969 but later separated. Despite the separation, they both remarried and had more children. Matthew, who has five siblings from his parents’ subsequent marriages, grew up in Ottawa, Canada, before moving to California to live with his father as a teenager. His father also had an acting career, and they appeared together on “Friends” in 1998.

Police cars could be seen lining the street outside Perry’s LA home.

Police cars could be seen lining the street outside Perry’s LA home. Credit: Backgrid

Throughout his struggles with addiction, Matthew’s parents stood by his side. In 2018, when he was hospitalized due to opioid use, they rushed to be with him, demonstrating their unwavering support for their son during challenging times.