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PHOTO: LIZ MCDONALD/STUFF Sellers have to decide whether to use a salesperson or try DIY.

OPINION: We’re thinking about selling our house, but my partner and I can’t agree whether to sell with an agent or privately. I’m arguing that real estate agents are trained and qualified. He says they’re not. What exactly does an agent have to do to get a licence and what do we need to know about working with a real estate agent?

Your home may very well be your biggest asset, so it makes sense that you want to weigh up what approach will get the best result for you when it comes to selling your property.

In New Zealand it’s illegal to carry out real estate agency work without a licence. Licensed real estate agents must comply with the rules of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. There are exceptions for lawyers, conveyancers and licensed auctioneers.

To be a real estate agent, you must complete qualifications, be assessed as fit and proper to hold a licence and complete annual professional development requirements set by the Real Estate Authority.