PHOTO: ALDEN WILLIAMS/HOMED – Helmores Lane, Fendalton is consistently named as one of Christchurch’s most elite streets.

In Elite Streets, Homed looks at which streets are the most desirable New Zealand’s biggest centres and asks why. The answers might not be what you thought.

Christchurch’s traditional “elite” suburbs – notably Fendalton and Merivale – continue to have blue-chip status, but earthquake rebuilds are changing the face of these streets, and, dare we say it, the beautiful character homes may be less desirable.

The streets with the highest median house price estimate, in figures provided by, are Heathfield Avenue in Fendalton, where the average value is $2,716,932, Mayfly Lane, Northwood ($2,639,341), East Stream Lane, Northwood ($2,272,769), Taunton Green, Papanui ($1,914,224) and Bradnor Road, Fendalton ($1,867,956). The average property value in Christchurch is $494,459 (QV).