PHOTO: CHANNEL 4 It’s all smiles at the start, but this self build turned into a nightmare for homeowner Lynn, seen here with Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud.

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own house it might be a good idea to make sure you have seen the first episode in the new Grand Designs: The Street series.

Because it beggars belief that someone could consider doing a DIY build with zero experience at house building or project management, but there you go.

UK presenter Kevin McCloud is back, in Gravenhill, Oxfordshire, with two adjoining builds in a new, “experimental” street that’s a local council initiative – the plot owners will all be building their own homes, and it’s fair to say rules have been relaxed.

Lynn is 62 at the start of her build, but feels she can do it because her current neighbours Terry (65) and Olwyn (73) will be building the house next door in the new street, and they are going to share the load. Well that’s the theory anyway. In practice we don’t see Olywn doing much, but there is mention of her going to Wimbledon for the tennis.