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Almost 100 police officers looking to move to Australia as high pay, benefits entice Kiwi cops

Australia has emerged as an enticing destination for prospective police officers, thanks to its attractive incentives such as generous salaries and complimentary housing, which have enticed numerous officers from New Zealand.

Recent revelations indicate that a staggering 77 officers have submitted applications to join the Queensland Police, while 19 individuals have progressed to the advanced stages of the application process in the Northern Territory.

Australia’s law enforcement agencies are actively intensifying their recruitment efforts, with the head of recruitment for the Northern Territory personally present in New Zealand to conduct expos and interviews.

Serge Bouma, the Acting Superintendent of Recruitment and Selection for the Northern Territory police, disclosed that a recent expo in New Zealand garnered interest from approximately 35 people considering a career in the Northern Territory police force. Impressively, half of these individuals were experienced police officers, while the other half were aspiring recruits eager to embark on a policing career.

Supt. Bouma explained, “This week, we have a condensed interview program scheduled over just two days, during which we will conduct 17 interviews. Notably, eight of these interviewees are currently serving in the New Zealand police force.”

He emphasized the appealing aspects of joining the Northern Territory police, including the provision of free housing to members throughout their careers, with the department assuming responsibility for renting the accommodations. Additionally, officers have the option of receiving a housing allowance of approximately $30,000 annually if they choose to purchase their own homes.

However, Supt. Bouma cautioned that the job wouldn’t be without its challenges. He acknowledged that the Northern Territory faces significant issues related to family and domestic violence, as well as youth crime. Nevertheless, he underscored that these challenges are not unique, and the department compensates its officers generously due to the demanding nature of their work.

Regarding recruitment, Supt. Bouma noted that Australia is currently grappling with “higher than normal attrition” rates, and New Zealand is not the sole target in their recruitment campaign. They are actively seeking experienced individuals from various jurisdictions to bolster their police force.

Even though Australian authorities are actively recruiting New Zealand talent, Labour leader Chris Hipkins expressed confidence that most New Zealanders prefer to remain in their home country. He wasn’t overly concerned about New Zealand potentially becoming a training ground for Australian police.

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Hipkins also mentioned that New Zealand’s police have received a 33 percent pay increase under his government, acknowledging that while it might not be sufficient, he is committed to further improvements. At present, negotiations with Kiwi police officers are ongoing, with an offer of approximately $4,000 spread over two installments on the table.