Ashley Church

PHOTO: Ashley Church exposed the attitudes for the “myths they are”. Photo credit: Image – Newshub

A property commentator and investor has lamented Kiwis’ apparent lack of appreciation for property investors.

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Ashley Church wrote an article on property website One Roof titled: “Why do Kiwis want to tear down property investors.”

Church wrote that Kiwis enjoy watching super-rich people living their lavish lifestyles on reality TV, but when it’s seen in those around us the switch is flicked.

“If a Kiwi dares to engage in the same ostentatious luxury we’ll eventually tear him or her to pieces.”

He wrote that many theories suggest why this behaviour exists, with one being a feature of the cultural cringe “which hangs over our nation like a dark shadow”.

“And manifests itself as tall poppy syndrome and a bizarre belief that we shouldn’t get above our station nor, God forbid, do better than our peers.”

Church said no matter the reason, it’s a behaviour that brings the best and worst out of us.

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“At its best, it’s the basis of the sense of fairness and fair play that underpins our desire to protect our most vulnerable and makes us the warm, welcoming people that we (usually) are to visitors and new residents.

“At its worst, it’s behind our nasty tendency to attack those who have succeeded and revel in the misfortune of those who fall on hard times after a period of success,” he added.

The investor looked at some of the common beliefs and attitudes and “exposed them for the myths that they are”.

He pointed to the assumption that people who invest in property are well-educated, which he said isn’t always the case.

“Lots of educated Kiwis invest in property – but again, that isn’t the basis of their success – and many thousands of others invest in the market without the benefit of having any form of formal education.”