PHOTO: Perth Style Company Owner and Managing Director Sara James. Credit: Supplied.

For Perth Style Company Owner and Managing Director Sara James, there is no doubt home staging has become a popular way to present a home for sale – business is booming.

“I saw a niche to develop a product and service that would add value to the overall property transaction,” she said.

“The business has grown rapidly since 2014 because we have proven time and time again that staging works.”

Perth Style Company now designs and develops its unique furniture range, sourcing perfectly complementary artwork and finishes that ensure its styling elevates a home’s value.

“We are now called upon by Perth’s top agents, builders and developers to help create high-impact marketing visuals,” Ms James said.

“Our team is driven by the success of our clients and the passion we have for creating beautiful spaces that demand attention.”

With an experienced team at hand, the company works collectively to research, plan and execute all projects with the finest attention to detail, ensuring no opportunity is overlooked.

Ms James also stressed how furnishing and styling a home had a major impact on the success of online listings, pointing to the example of a recently staged inner-city apartment that had been listed vacant for 65 days with very little interest.