PHOTO: Robinson hires out her home via A Perfect Space, an Airbnb-like platform where producers can pick from properties listed. Photo: Eliana Schoulal

Demand is soaring for prestige properties to be the real stars of film, TV and photoshoots as wonderful settings for filming and photography, luxury brand events, and workshops and conferences.

And their owners are making big bucks hiring out their high-end homes for as little as half a day for a short stills shoot to earning around $160,000 for a three-month TV series contract.

“We started 12 years ago but recently we’ve seen a big increase in activity with the high-end homes,” says Michelle McCormac, the director of Australian locations agency Pure Locations.

Robinson, who hires out her St Kilda East home, says she’d recommend anyone with the right house to do it. Photo: Eliana Schoulal

“We’ve been incredibly busy for the past few years. These days, you need to take so many photos of products because people buy so much online, and every brand now needs to have a presence. There’s just so much demand for top homes, people can earn themselves an annual income from it.”