PHOTO: Georgia Heiniger says she’s experienced a lot of disappointment and frustration trying to buy her first home. ABC News: Damian McIntyre

For Tasmanians trying to buy a home in 2021, hope can be a dangerous emotion.

Georgia Heiniger and her partner have been trying to secure their first home in Launceston for five months, making five unsuccessful offers so far.

“It’s pretty tough. The kind of houses we’re looking for, the areas that we’re looking at, they’re just selling really quickly. It’s really cutthroat,” Ms Heiniger said.

Recently, they lost out to another buyer who offered less money for a property, but also didn’t ask for a building inspection or for time to secure finance.

“It’s kind of disheartening, particularly when we’re offering as much as we can and we know we shouldn’t but we do get our hopes up.”

Ms Heiniger and her partner have felt pressure to take risks to make their offers more competitive, by foregoing building inspections, or making cash offers, even though they need to borrow money.

“We’ve made a lot of those risks. We’ve put in maybe three offers on houses sight unseen,” Ms Heiniger said.