PHOTO: Carmen found an unconventional way to free up some cash and save for her own home. Supplied: Carmen Saliba

What would you do to get into the housing market?

Would you ditch renting and house-sit indefinitely in the hope of saving up for your own place? Would you move to a remote location, leaving family and friends behind?

These are just some of the options Australians are embarking on — and it’s little wonder why.

According to the ABC’s Australia Talks National Survey, 61 per cent of us believe that the next generation will be worse off than their parents.

It’s a view that’s consistent across all demographic groups.

The majority of Aussies — 63 per cent, to be precise — say owning a home is now out of reach for young people.

But it doesn’t stop with home ownership. The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute has shown young Australians are being priced out of rental housing, too.

Still feeling like you want to give home ownership a crack? Great.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unconventional — but not unrealistic — options out there.