Tinakori Bistro

PHOTO: SUPPLIED Tinakori Bistro will change its name after three decades as a Thorndon institution.

There’s never a “good” time to open a restaurant. That’s according to Wellington restaurateur Asher Boote, who has four of them.

But completely rebranding and reopening a 30-year-old institution is quite possibly an even more daunting task – let alone doing so in the middle of a pandemic.

“As stressful as it is at the moment, it’s almost an ideal time – it’s a blank slate time – to reopen, or try something new.”

That’s exactly what he’s done with Tinakori Bistro, which begins its next chapter this week as Daisy’s.

He was just days away from doing just that – “paperwork had been signed and everything” – when the state of emergency was declared due to Covid-19.

The sale fell through, and Boote had five weeks of lockdown to come up with a new plan.