Rochelle Adgo

PHOTO: Angela with Harcourts real estate agent Rochelle Adgo.


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An 18-year-old girl fresh out of high school has managed to buy her very own home over the weekend.

Angela*, from northern Brisbane, knocked out three other bidders at a Saturday auction for a 600sq m house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double garage.

The bidding war started out with a $940,000 offer and the TAFE student secured her dream home with a $1.025 million price tag.

She was able to afford her first home using a medical payout she had received when she was younger.

The teenager suffers from cerebral palsy and had received substantial compensation because her disability could have been diagnosed sooner by the hospital she attended.

When Angela realised she had won the auction, she reportedly burst into tears of happiness.

Martin Millard, whose company Harcourts Solutions ran the auction, said Angela’s win was incredible.

“I went up and said congratulations with a little tear in my eye. That’s next level [what Angela achieved],” he told

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“It takes a lot of courage to bid at an auction.”

Mr Millard has been in the real estate industry for decades and says he’s never quite seen anything like what he witnessed on Saturday.

“I’ve seen rich parents’ kids get given houses and things like that,” he explained.

“And I’ve seen poor parents give their kids’ houses.

“I’ve never seen an 18-year-old turn up to an auction where there’s multiple bidders and win with her own money.”

Mr Millard added that while it was unusual to see young people buy their own home, it wasn’t impossible.

He has seen 20-year-olds buy homes off their own back but something about this stood out to him.

“Eighteen is a lot younger, you don’t see many 18-year-olds,” he added.

“My kids’ dad is a high profile real estate and yet none of my kids have gone out to an auction and displayed that ability.”

40 people attended the auction.

40 people attended the auction