PHOTO: Denver city park © Getty

For many house-hunters, the whiff of marijuana smoke drifting down the street would ring alarm bells — a sign that a neighbourhood had finally turned. In Denver, the signal may not be so reliable. Since 2014, when Colorado became the first US state to legalise recreational marijuana sales, the number of dispensaries in the city registered with Weedmaps — a sort of Google Maps for local marijuana shops — has nearly doubled, to 276. Even in the smartest areas you will never be far from a fix. Country Club, one of the city’s plushest neighbourhoods, boasts four dispensaries. Increasingly, buyers considering a purchase there will have an interest in the trade, too. A growing number of customers are newly-minted marijuana entrepreneurs, who have made their money through dispensary sales or growing, says Jill Schafer an agent with Kentwood Real Estate, a local firm.


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