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PHOTO: North Texas Real Estate Agent Ashley Williams Has License Revoked Over Alleged Fraud – YouTube

There are two women named Ashley Williams in the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market. Let’s not confuse them.

One is the good Ashley Williams.

The other is the bad Ashley Williams.

The good Ashley G. Williams is an agent with Keller Williams Realty in the Arlington office. She’s in no trouble.

The bad Ashley E. Williams can be called bad because her Texas license as a real estate sales agent was revoked by the State of Texas.

In June, she was supposed to begin paying a $122,000 penalty for doing business with a suspended license and allegedly keeping almost half a million dollars from her real estate clients.

Pretty bad stuff.

The fine was levied by the Texas Real Estate Commission, which rarely pulls a license permanently and usually doesn’t fine its license holders more than $100,000.