PHOTO: Kat Sellis – Real Estate Agent

Walking in on robberies, witnessing sexcapades, sellers going missing — oh, you know, just a day in the life of a real estate agent

Selling homes is a very complicated, up-close-and-personal business. Considering the hours we invest meeting with new people and the extensive amount of time we spend going in and out of houses, it should come as no surprise that many real estate agents have run into a few awkward, humorous and even X-rated situations.

I had one agent tell me about a seller getting arrested for murder while having properties in escrow — and having to do the rest of the transaction from behind bars. The seller got out three years later after being proven innocent.

If you think that’s crazy, just wait.

Curious to know what shenanigans my fellow agents had come across on their journey so far, I posted this question on Facebook: “What is the craziest thing that ever happened to you as a real estate agent?”

I share with you now some of my favorite answers.