PHOTO: Chrishell Hartley

A woman nervously walks through the doors of a stylishly decorated office, greeted by the flashing (fake) smiles of her new coworkers. This is Selling Sunset, our latest TV obsession, brought to us courtesy of Netflix. It stars longtime soap star-turned-real estate mogul Chrishell Hartney, née Chrishell Stause, along with other members of the Oppenheim Group.

If you’re getting “Lauren Conrad takes on the world of fashion” vibes from the docusoap, you’re absolutely on the right path—Selling Sunset is the brainchild of Adam Divello, the same genius responsible for bringing us The HillsThe show follows the professional and personal lives of the Oppenheim Group, a team of well-dressed and super successful real estate agents selling luxury properties throughout the Los Angeles area.