Israel Adesanya

PHOTO: Israel Adesanya. NEWS.COM.AU

MMA sensation Israel Adesanya is swiftly establishing himself as one of New Zealand’s foremost “mega landlords,” embarking on a subdivision spree across the nation. His latest venture, offering rental homes in Palmerston North under the moniker “stylebender,” attracted significant attention.

According to property manager Wade Thompson, the listing garnered 3000 views in December alone, with three out of seven units swiftly snapped up. Thompson praised the addition of well-designed properties into the rental market by a local developer.

Named Adesanya Close, this development is the newest addition to his burgeoning property empire, which now exceeds a value of $20 million, as per property records.

Thompson revealed that those who missed out on Adesanya Close are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to secure housing in another upcoming subdivision in Manawatu.


Israel Adesanya’s build-to-rent subdivision on Lowestoft Place in Palmerston North has received positive reviews from guests. TRADE ME / SUPPLIED

Adesanya, previously reported to own over 19 properties, is now speculated to possess a considerably larger portfolio. Thompson stated, “By the end of this year, I will have 15 on my own, and I know of others who are managing his properties. He owns properties from Auckland to Dunedin.”

At just 34 years old, Adesanya is believed to be New Zealand’s second highest-paid athlete, with 2023 earnings estimated at $8.4 million. Reports indicate that he inked one of the most lucrative contracts in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) history, second only to Conor McGregor’s $100 million deal.

Adesanya has previously expressed his investment in property as a post-retirement fallback plan from combat sports. He emphasized the importance of setting oneself up for the future in a sport where athletes often continue competing beyond their prime.


Israel Adesanya celebrated the opening of his new subdivision on Lowestoft Place in Palmerston North.

His father, Olufemi, plays a significant role in managing his property ventures, contributing to their success. Thompson praised both father and son as astute businesspeople with a humble demeanor.

The three-bedroom homes at Adesanya Close were listed for rent at $750 per week, with one also offered as “El Beracca Retreat” on Expedia and Airbnb for up to $400 a night, garnering rave five-star reviews.