James Bond Mansion

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We reckon it is the BEST property news update in NZ!

Most builders hit rock and go, ‘yeah nah’. Either it’s down tools, a hefty new fee or a long, forgiveness-pleading chat with your neighbours (or all of the above).

Gavin Rubinstein

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But these obstacles were no object for one Sydney couple, who four years ago dug a tunnel beneath their (now) glitzy, James Bond style Mosman five bedroom home, partly so that they didn’t have to walk up the 63 steps to the place (something “which is particularly difficult in the pouring rain,” owner Robert Procter, told realestate.com.au).

Robert and his wife, Wendy Procter (the other owner of the house) told realestate.com.au that the tunnel, which goes from the street and double garage to a lift, which goes to both levels of the home, was a game-changer.

In the tunnel, there is a home gym. The home also boasts a heated pool and magnificent views of the Opera House and the city.

Left: view during the day. Right: view during the evening. Image Credit: realestate.com.au

To build the tunnel, their builder put them in touch with the Lightning Ridge miners (per the group’s Facebook page: “The voice of the black opal industry,” which represents miners, wholesales and retailers working with opal found in Lightning Ridge, Australia) who, Robert and Wendy revealed, moved to Sydney for the six-month project of building the tunnel.

They provided the miners with free accommodation and three meals a day. The miners used a jackhammer to create the lift shaft and a high tech machine to cut the rock for the tunnel.

Robert told realestate.com.au that the lift and landscaping cost just about $1 million. He also said he thought it was worth it.

Left: the view from the air. Right: the pool. Image Credit: realestate.com.au

The couple moved into the place 40 years ago. It cost them just $290,000 to buy. Now they’re hoping the work they’ve done to the place (presumably also combined with the fact that the property market has become more and more competitive) means they can sell it for quite an increase. Its price guide right now is $10 million.