Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid

PHOTO: Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid

Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing” Welcomes Local Premier Realty Grays Harbor Real Estate Agent Anastasia Osorio

This weekend, fans of the Discovery Channel will be able to witness local Premier Realty Grays Harbor agent, Anastasia Osorio, compete in the newest season of “Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing.”

“After each of the two other shows, I always made the joke that I was retired whenever the producers would call to try and get me to return. But it’s hard to keep turning down a new challenge,” said Osorio, who goes by Stacey on the show.

Surviving Naked and Afraid Twice Before

Osorio’s prior involvement on the reality TV show came in 2014 when she competed in a 21-day survival competition in eastern Croatia, and in 2016 when she competed in a 40-day survival competition in South Africa dubbed “Naked and Afraid XL.” While unable to talk much about her newest endeavor on Naked and Afraid, which features 12 survivalists competing for 45 days in the Oribi Gorge of South Africa for a chance at $100,000, due to contractual agreements, Osorio didn’t hesitate to say that her hardest journey was the first one.

Competing alongside another contestant, Osorio was dealt an unexpected painful blow during her 21-day survival in Croatia’s Pannonian basin. On day seven, she suffered serious burns when a pot of boiling water fell on her while she was sleeping.

“Maybe it was because I was half asleep but at first it felt like getting in a nice bath, especially with us being out in the elements, but that feeling turned to pain really fast,” Osorio said.

With the threat of infection looming, producers decided it was too risky for her to continue and pulled her from the show on day nine, where she was then transferred to a medical ward to treat the burns for several days.

“The man who helped me train for being on the show ingrained in me that no matter how hard things are, you never tap out. Make them drag you out instead,” Osorio said. “I was bummed that I couldn’t finish what I set out to do, but it gave me a lot of motivation to fight to the end of the 40-day challenge. I was the only one of the 24 survivalists who didn’t complete the initial 21-day test to be on that challenge, so it was unique.”

Reflections on the Naked and Afraid Experience

Although seven years have passed since Osorio competed in “Naked and Afraid XL” to when filming began for “Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing” in September 2022, Osorio described her experiences as reminiscent of therapy.

“It doesn’t matter how tough you are, the first week simply sucks. You’re trying to get adjusted to the environment, survive from the wildlife, and work with the people around you. But there becomes a point where it almost feels like a vision quest,” Osorio said. “I’ve never felt more connected with the world than when I was on those shows. Your main entertainment is watching the stars at night, and you don’t have time to care about the dumb drama happening in the world. I could only describe it as being like getting buck-naked during a rainstorm and just lying on the grass and relaxing for five or 10 minutes.”

 Anastasia Osorio

Allen Leister / The Daily World Making her third appearance on the popular show within the last decade, Anastasia “Stacey” Osorio, a real estate agent in Grays Harbor, will be featured in the newest season of Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing.” Osorio will compete alongside 11 other survival contestants for a chance to win $100,000.

Osorio, a mom of two, praised her family and her boyfriend for their support in letting her compete in something she described as a risk to her life. When asked if people recognize her from the show, she said that about 99% of the people don’t, but it makes for a good reaction when she gets to talk about it.

“Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing” Brings New Format

According to Discovery Press, the upcoming season of “Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing” is vastly different compared to what has been shown in the series franchise. The show will feature three phases: the first is a 21-day survival test for pairs of contestants, the second is competing in group challenges, and the third is a free-for-all fight to the finish line as contestants will be forced to undergo a three-day journey to extraction.