PHOTO: SHARNAE HOPE Peter Spitters is getting out of the rental property market. He’s had enough of bad tenants and law changes.

It didn’t need to end this way.

Damaged exterior cladding, walls, ceilings and kitchen drawers, broken glass, plus new carpet needed in two bedrooms and the hallway.

A $26,358 repair bill.

The end result of one Northland landlord’s attempt to evict an “antisocial and problematic” tenant.

That was meant to take 90 days, ending on October 28. It ended up taking 122.

“On the 90th day we turn up and the tenant hasn’t moved out, had no intention of moving out,” says Adrian Dermer, managing director of Haze Property Management in Kaitaia.

“So now we’ve lodged to the tribunal, saying we’ve got an urgent matter … the tribunal then gives us a date that’s approximately 4-5 weeks away.”


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