PHOTO: Queensland Sotheby’s International Realty (QSIR)

Queensland Sotheby’s International Realty (QSIR) will now be overlooking the largest Mercedes-Benz showroom in the southern hemisphere, as it sets its new home in the new Lifestyle Centre site at Breakfast Creek Wharf in Brisbane.

The new facility is a vision of bringing luxury lifestyle precincts together under one room.

The architect behind the building, Cottee Parker, claimed the site as a “game changer” for the Australian retail market and a reflection on how luxury brands of the future can come together and place a strong emphasis on lifestyle.

QSIR owner and CEO Paul Arthur believe Breakfast Creek Wharf showcases confidence in the future of Australia, and specifically Brisbane.

“We have always been very bullish on the Queensland market,” Mr Arthur said.

“Brisbane, in particular, continues to mature and grow as a city. This iconic Lifestyle Centre in Brisbane, which is being delivered by one of the world’s most prestigious brands, shows enormous confidence in the city and its luxury market.”

QSIR feels at home in the new building as it can naturally align itself with other prestigious brands who serve a similar clientele, he said.

“The traditional real estate shop is dying; customers — especially customers in the luxury market — expect to be serviced in a more contemporary way.”