How many real estate agents in New Zealand?

REAA licensee data

With bulk licence renewals completed for another year, we can share the latest licence data for an overview of the licensed real estate sector.

We currently have 14,506 active licensees. (Active licenses exclude suspended licenses – the total number of active and suspended licensees is 17,572).
This first graph shows how many years licensees have been licensed (since REAA began licensing in 2009).
It will be no surprise that 2009 was our biggest year for issuing licences. After that year, there was a large decline, and now a steady increase since 2011.

There are slightly more male than female licensees. This split has been constant over the last eight years.

Finally, the data shows a relatively even spread of ages. The youngest active licensee is 18 and the oldest is 92. The average age is 50.