home ownership

PHOTO: SUPPLIED I sat down with my dad to talk out home ownership, and which of our generations has it harder.

OPINION: Millennials and Gen Zers are unlikely to leave any extended family gathering without enduring two key criticisms.

1. The holes in your jeans make no sense. 
2. You can’t create the wealth to buy a house because you’re entitled and frivolous.*

* Those may not be the exact words, but they’re heavily implied. 

The suggested response for #1 is to toss out a quick, “OK, Boomer“. 
For #2, ask your Boomer the address of their first house, and its price. Then, look up its current value.

In 1989, my parents returned to Auckland from London, stone broke. One year later, they bought a large house in Glenfield, for $165,000, with a 10 per cent deposit. 


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