PHOTO: LOWE&CO The unique Streamline Moderne home on Grant Rd, Thorndon, is for sale for the first time in 20 years.

Peeking from the Tinakori trees on Grant St, Wellington, is an unusual, three tiered ice cream cake of a house that stands out.

When it replaced a turn of the century cottage, much like the homes on either side of it, in 1937 it was possibly the first home in the country to be constructed from concrete blocks. It’s surrounded by greenery, has a view across the harbour, and is filed with rich, warm native timbers.

It didn’t become Berys Walter’s home until April Fools Day, 2000, but leaving it will be no joke to her.

“I am having quite a lot of separation anxiety,” says Walter, who has put the home on the market ahead of a downsizing move.