New Windsor

PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS/SUPPLIED The house in New Windsor, central Auckland, was uninsured due to a miscommunication with the bank.

A tenant has been ordered to pay-up after her mother’s cooking sparked a fire which caused damage to 80 per cent of her Auckland rental and suffocated some much loved dogs.

Whilst her landlord sought damages of $50,000, Keihl Zaihla Gonzales has been ordered by the Tenancy Tribunal to pay just a fraction of that.



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Gonzales, who had been renting the New Windsor house since 2014 , was in the Philippines when the fire occurred in December, 2019.

A recent Tenancy Tribunal decision noted that Gonzales’ mother, Mrs Chown, was staying there, however

On the day of the fire, Mrs Chown had come home from work and was busy cleaning the house as she was due to join her family in the Philippines.