first home buyers


PHOTO: CLAUDIA TAIT/SUPPLIED David and I both worked full time, contributing 8 per cent each to our KiwiSaver.

OPINION: My partner and I bought our first home in Masterton late last year. I was 22 and my partner, David, was 25.

Our deposit was mostly made up of KiwiSaver and the HomeStart grant.

David left school at 17 to work full time, where he started contributing 3 per cent to his KiwiSaver. I began contributing 4 per cent to my KiwiSaver when I was 18 and working my first job.

I moved into his parent’s house, as it was closer to work for me and I could save a lot in petrol costs. I left that job after a year to study, where I continued to make lump sum deposits into my KiwiSaver account.

I managed to get a well paying full time job straight after I finishing my studies and upped my KiwiSaver contributions to 8 per cent, convincing David to do the same so we could save without having to physically move any funds.


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