property developer


PHOTO: MATT SHAND/STUFF Kevin Ward has been battling a developer who built foundations for his subdivision on his property without permission.

A Katikati resident has spent six months and more than $10,000 in legal fees fighting a property developer who he says helped himself to a chunk of his land.

Kevin Ward resides at 56 Park Road and was surprised to discover a Maniaroa Developments, who are building an 18-home development next door, built foundations on his land in what, he says, was a “sneaky tactic”.

“They just said they were going to take the land and there is nothing I could do about it,” Ward said.

Maniaroa Developments was granted a non-notified consent from Western Bay Regional Council, as there were deemed to be no affected parties, but Ward says he is an affected party as evidenced by his land being used by the developer.