Mortgage lending

PHOTO: Mortgage lending is the the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to predict what will happen to the property market in the coming months. FILE

This data tracks new mortgages granted to different borrower types, such as first home buyers or investors, each month.

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The December 2022 total was $2.81 billion (35.4%) lower than the figure reported in December 2021 and some $4.531 billion (46.9%) lower than the mammoth $9.652 billion in December 2020 – which is the second biggest month on record, beaten only by the nearly $10.5 billion advanced in the heady days of March 2021.
Previous years:Monthly:
Dec 2020Dec 2021Aug 2022Sep 2022Oct 2022Nov 2022Dec 2022
Total lending ($million)
All borrower types9,6527,9315,4135,1355,5826,0555,121
First home buyers1,6861,5621,1241,0641,2191,3571,110
Other owner-occupiers5,4524,9783,3203,2073,3793,6563,020
Business purposes78816355808478
Higher than 80% LVR lending ($million)
All borrower types887667439463501567470
First home buyers640499340349381440369
Other owner-occupiers2361659510711012195
Business purposes2010210
Less than or equal to 80% LVR lending ($million)
All borrower types8,7657,2634,9734,6725,0815,4884,650
First home buyers1,0461,063784715838918741
Other owner-occupiers5,2174,8133,2253,1003,2693,5362,926
Business purposes75816255798378
MEMO ITEM: Lending to investors ($million)
Total lending2,4361,310905809904957913
Higher than 70% LVR lending820156146116170157168
Less than or equal to 70% LVR lending1,6171,154760693733800744
Higher than 60% LVR lending1,584437320280326339332
Less than or equal to 60% LVR lending852873585529578618580