Paul Davies

PHOTO: Founder and CEO Paul Davies – One Agency

One Agency is continuing its steady, organic growth story, with a host of new principals signing up with the group.

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So far, One Agency has issued 20 new licences this calendar year, covering territories in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand.

The group also has recruited, a further 12 in New South Wales and New Zealand, who will officially come on board in the coming months.

One Agency, which was founded in 2008, now has more than 170 licences throughout Australasia.

Founder and CEO Paul Davies said One Agency has always favoured growing in a sustainable, organic way, rather than embarking on big recruitment drives or buying other businesses.

“One of our big points of difference is that our members build profitable, sustainable businesses, so obviously we need to practise what we preach,” he said.

“Now that the market is cooling in many parts of Australia and New Zealand, a lot of principals are learning the hard way how important it is to keep your costs low and build a sustainable revenue stream. As people in the industry have heard me say many times before, it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts.”

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Mr Davies said one of the main reasons new recruits give for joining One Agency is that the group charges a modest licence fee, rather than taking a percentage of its sales revenue.

“That means they get to keep a much larger share of their earnings, compared to the big franchise groups,” he said.

“When the market is slowing, like it is now, it makes it much easier for principals to run a sustainable business. And when the market is booming, they don’t get punished for their higher sales numbers by being forced to pay higher commissions. Win – Win either way”