Harjit Singh

PHOTO: Disgraced liquor baron Harjit Singh is behind a controversial new Christchurch subdivision. STUFF

Anticipating Gulati Investments’ invocation of the sunset clause, Signature Homes North Christchurch, the company involved in brokering agreements and responsible for building the homes, took action by lodging a caveat on the subdivision’s title. This caveat effectively prevented the developer from making any changes to the land without the consent of the building company.

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According to STUFF Signature Homes contested Gulati Investments’ actions in the High Court, leading to an eventual out-of-court settlement. However, this settlement resulted in some families having to pay an additional $50,000 for each of their sections, offering a glimmer of hope for progress.

Unfortunately, despite the settlement, the subdivision has yet to receive approval even after 10 months. The local council is still awaiting crucial information from Gulati Investments, leaving the affected parties in a frustrating state of uncertainty.

When questioned about the situation, Singh, the representative of Gulati Investments, cited a “paperwork delay” and attributed it partly to a “miscommunication” between contractors.

Melissa and Alex Oliver, who purchased property in the subdivision in 2020, expressed their frustration along with other prospective homeowners. Singh acknowledged their concerns and expressed hopes of submitting the required information to the council within the next few weeks.

It should be noted that Singh and his wife, Shereen, who serve as directors and shareholders of Gulati Investments, have a questionable track record in business dealings.

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