The property market has just been ticking over since June, with sales volumes relatively stable and average values across the country continuing to rise by 2-3% annually. There doesn’t seem to
be anything too major in the pipeline that would throw this steadiness off course, but there are some important milestones to watch out for in the final few months of the year – including another
potential cut to the official cash rate (OCR), a possible loosening of the loan to value ratio (LVR) speed limits, and the final decision on bank capital requirements.

Starting off with the macroeconomic environment, the news remains supportive for the property market. GDP growth is set to stay above 2% annually, full-time employment is still rising, and the
unemployment rate is very low. Net migration is still high too, which is another support for property demand. Consumer and business confidence remain a bit patchier, but don’t seem to be hampering the
property market.


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