PHOTO: Phone call scam. Dayton Daily News

A real estate agent in WA is grappling with the aftermath of a devastating con, losing nearly $330,000 in a single phone call scam that has prompted authorities to issue a warning.

During the call, the scammers masqueraded as the agent’s bank, engaging the victim in a conversation that began with verifying recent transactions. However, the situation quickly escalated as the imposters manipulated the agent into granting remote access to their computer.

Under the guise of assisting, the audacious fraudsters coerced the victim into downloading software and revealing a remote access code. While on the call, they shamelessly conducted a series of transactions from multiple trust accounts, only to be interrupted when the real bank contacted the agent to report potential fraudulent activity, according to a spokesperson from Consumer Protection.

The total amount siphoned from the agent’s trust accounts amounted to $329,500, all of which represented funds associated with real estate transactions.

This incident follows a similar occurrence in May, where another realtor and two settlement agents were duped into transferring a combined sum of $64,000 from trust accounts.

Trish Blake, Commissioner for Consumer Protection, stressed the importance of caution and skepticism, advising individuals to never assume that a call claiming to be from their bank is genuinely authentic.

“These latest scams raise concerns because the scammers possess knowledge of recent account transactions, making their claims sound highly convincing,” Blake commented. “Remember, your bank will never ask for passcodes or request remote access to your computer. Please refrain from disclosing such information to unfamiliar callers.”

Consumer Protection is collaborating with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Real Estate Institute of WA, and the Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA to tackle the escalating number of attacks targeting agents.