Monopoly man

PHOTO: Property investor George Markoski, with wife Christina

He grew up struggling to make ends meet but a property investor who now owns 39 homes and lives off the rental income has revealed how he scaled the property ladder with little money.

He may not have the top hat, cane or bushy grey moustache but George Markoski has become a real life Monopoly Man like in the widely played board game.

The property investor who was obsessed with Monopoly as a child currently owns 39 properties spread around the country and lives off hundreds of thousands in rent money.

It’s a position he has reached starting with little money and instead relying on a combination of market smarts, hard work and long hours spent researching.

Mr Markoski, 50, said some of the techniques he used to get into the market and profit from rising real estate values are easy to replicate – but require patience.

Property investor George Markoski, with wife Christina, owns 39 properties.

Property investor George Markoski, with wife Christina, owns 39 properties. Source: Supplied

“My approach is a little different, I’m very stats driven,” he said. “There are 16,000 suburbs in Australia, sometimes they are going up and some are going down.

“There will always be good and bad but we are fortunate that there is so much (research) to get an objective view of every suburb in Australia.”

Mr Markoski bought his first home in the 1990s while working as a small-business owner. It was a house in central Adelaide snapped up for about $180,000. It’s now worth just under $1 million.

The purchase was the culmination of a childhood dream. “I wanted to buy ever since I started playing Monopoly as a five year old,” he said.