PHOTO: Adelaide, Australia – September 11, 2016: Torrens river bank with people walking through foot bridge in Adelaide city centre at sunset

Property experts are eager to share their insights into where to invest in 2020, whether it be a regional area, in Sydney, or all across Australia.

But according to Hotspotting property expert Terry Ryder, there’s one booming market that is going unnoticed: Adelaide.

“Adelaide is undoubtedly Australia’s most under-rated market. We have often lauded Canberra as the most consistent of the capital cities but Adelaide is a serious challenger,” said Ryder.

The city’s consistency of sales is “remarkable” and more than two thirds (62 per cent) of Adelaidean suburbs saw price growth in the last year, with some areas seeing double-digit rises.

“The list of suburbs with growth above 10% is dominated by middle-market suburbs, rather than top-end locations which has been the growth leaders in the recent past,” Ryder said.

“Some of the cheaper areas have also done well,which means that there are high-growth pockets spread throughout various market sectors.”