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How come that in a world where AirBnB has upturned the accomodation market and Uber the taxi business, the real estate business steams on, seemingly unaffected?
I have long pondered this question as over the years I have changed my perspective from a believer in radical transformation to nowadays technology as an enabler.
So it was long overdue that I wrote a lengthy perspective piece on the subject.
How come the internet has not killed the market for real estate agents?

I read with interest this recent joint report by and REINZ on the comparison between asking price and selling price – it got me thinking and delving into a bit of data analysis during which I stumbled into an interesting new metric which I hope or Trade Me Property adopt
Asking prices and selling prices – a comparison that points to a new metric

Over recent months I have been undertaking the study required for a real estate salesperson certificate, it has been illuminating and insightful as well as valuable, worthy I thought of a summary article
The real estate salesperson course – some personal insight

The recent article on online property valuation models not surprisingly generated questions and examples of how inaccurate they can be – so I decided to undertake a sample analysis, what I found was, I would say, encouraging news for these companies and their AVM’s
Online property valuation models – how accurate are they?