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PHOTO: Ms Marsh says she has been overwhelmed by support from the business community. Picture: Supplied

A young Brisbane real estate agent, who gained notoriety after being dismissed from her agency for derogatory comments about tenants in a local Facebook group, remains unapologetic about her remarks, insisting they were misconstrued.

Aimee Therese Marsh, 30, had been a highly successful agent at Ray White Aspley, situated near Griffin in Brisbane’s northern region, prior to her abrupt termination on Tuesday.

On her professional social media page, Ms. Marsh lambasted tenants, labeling them as a “disgrace” and “irrelevant.” She even added a laughing emoji while stating, “Half of them don’t even own homes in Griffin.”

Top Brisbane real estate agent sacked

In another instance, she concurred with a fellow social media user who referred to tenants as “nobodies.” She remarked, “They probably earn 50k a year and (are) envious of me. I pay twice their wage in tax, or I probably pay their Centrelink wages.” These comments have since been removed, and her social media presence has vanished, with her personal accounts locked.

Nevertheless, in an exclusive interview with, Ms. Marsh asserted that she is not remorseful for speaking what she believed to be the truth but did apologize to those who were inadvertently offended.

Ms. Marsh contended that her comments were taken out of context and expressed her dismay toward “individuals who are so unhappy that they attempt to bring others down.” The turmoil began when the real estate agent innocently posted about a recent auction on the Griffith Neighbourhood Facebook page using her business account. According to her, the situation escalated when trolls inundated the post with derogatory comments, prompting her to respond using her personal account.

Ms. Marsh, who had been with Ray White for 2.5 years, acknowledged that she had received counseling about her social media usage earlier in her career regarding how to handle trolls. She admitted, “I was young, immature, and had no idea how to respond to conflict.”

However, this issue resurfaced this week. When faced with online attacks, she claimed she was unable to reach her managers and alleged that she “lacked support” from Ray White. She lamented, “I went into defense mode. It seems it is okay if they slander you, but you can’t fight back.”

While she expressed disappointment with Ray White for publicly terminating her, she noted that she has been heartened by the support she has received from the business community and is optimistic about finding new employment. She stated, “Many business owners have rallied behind me, offering support and checking on my well-being. It’s refreshing. There are opportunities, but for now, I’m taking a mental break.”

Since her high-profile termination, she claimed to have endured relentless online attacks and harassment, including anonymous calls.

Ms Marsh was one of Brisbane’s top sellers. Picture: Supplied

Ms Marsh was one of Brisbane’s top sellers. Picture: Supplied

Ms. Marsh recounted that when the controversy initially unfolded, she was in “disbelief” and felt as if it were a “nightmare.” Nevertheless, she harbors no regrets, stating, “I’ve always been transparent and direct. I don’t allow people to walk over me as they used to. I think that comes from what I’ve been through. You develop a backbone.”

In defense of the termination, Alex Tilbury, a spokesperson for Ray White, asserted that Ms. Marsh was let go because her views did not align with the company’s values. She stated, “As a result, we made the business decision to terminate her employment.”

Ms. Tilbury added, “We respect and value every member of our community. We apologize to anyone who may have been offended, as well as to any members of our community who were affected by these views.”

Ms. Marsh has been offered counseling through Ray White’s employee assistance program. In January, her now-former employer had named her “agent of the month” for generating $3.7 million in sales.

Some of the comments that landed Ms Marsh in hot water.

Some of the comments that landed Ms Marsh in hot water.

This isn’t the first time Ms Marsh has been counselled on her social media use.

This isn’t the first time Ms Marsh has been counselled on her social media use.

According to her Ray White profile, she possesses an “exceptional understanding of a customer’s needs and wants.” The profile describes her as someone who takes pride in establishing strong rapport with her customers. She garnered a 4.9-star rating (out of 5) from customers, with 80 out of 94 reviews awarding her five stars. She was often lauded as “Brisbane’s No. 1 agent” and received praise for her communication, approachability, and professionalism.