PHOTO: Rachel Hind is selling her Manly semi to help build up a new business coaching people, including celebrities, to better handle alcohol consumption. SOURCE:

Rachel Hind is the country’s only certified and qualified sobriety coach and having kicked a drinking habit she is now selling her Manly house to help others have a healthy relationship with alcohol.

Her Federation semi with a $2.5 million guide is being auctioned this month so she can expand a coaching business to help drinkers take control of their alcohol consumption.

The 43-year-old former banking executive used to wind down after work with two bottles of wine most nights followed by vodka shots.

“In my 20s and 30s I loved that fun, social side of work. But once I had two children, I started drinking at home as well to cope with the stress of juggling a high pressure career with caring for kids and running a household,” she said.

The regular drinking led to blackouts and memory loss and a cycle of guilt, anxiety, self-loathing and more drinking.

A health scare and a supportive husband made her take stock, she got help, underwent detox and kicked the habit.