real estate agent Gina Tng

PHOTO: Real estate agent Gina Tng

Over her 13-year tenure as a real estate agent, Ms. Gina Tng has achieved remarkable success, personally closing over 1,000 transactions, averaging more than 100 deals annually. Her portfolio spans diverse properties, including luxury condominiums, landed homes, shophouses, Good Class Bungalows, and commercial/industrial buildings, some valued at over $24 million each.

Engineer-trained real estate agent Gina Tng closes over 100 home deals annually, including multi-million-dollar properties, ranging from luxury condominium units and Good Class Bungalows to commercial and industrial buildings. PHOTO: GINA TNG

A graduate in environmental engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Ms. Tng’s early exposure to real estate, accompanying her father—a construction company owner—to property viewings, ignited her enduring passion for the industry. Opting for a career path divergent from her peers, she joined ERA, driven by her desire to share her enthusiasm for homes.


Ms Tng has attained ERA’s Annual Top 10 Achievers Award out of more than 9,000 agents for four consecutive years, earning her the company’s highest accolade, ERA’s League of Honour award. PHOTO: GINA TNG

Leading a team of 100 realtors today, Ms. Tng’s exceptional achievements include consecutive annual placements in ERA’s Top 10 Achievers, earning her the prestigious League of Honour award. Additionally, she has consistently received the ERA Millionaire Realtor award and the national SEAA diamond award for three years running, solidifying her reputation in the field.

Attributing her success to hard work, integrity, and empathy, Ms. Tng prioritizes transparency and customer satisfaction, often foregoing sales if a property doesn’t align with a client’s needs. Her dedication to nurturing long-term relationships has garnered her numerous repeat clients and referrals.

Recognizing the entrepreneurial nature of real estate, Ms. Tng emphasizes discipline, adaptability, and strong values as essential for success, drawing parallels with her engineering background in terms of systematic approach and structured planning.

Her innovative approach to marketing, blending traditional and digital methods, has proven effective in selling challenging properties within a short timeframe. She remains committed to staying abreast of market trends and technologies, viewing her role as a collaborative partnership with clients to achieve their objectives.

Ms Tng at home with her dogs. She took the profit from selling her first home to buy a larger property, seeing real estate as building blocks for wealth creation. PHOTO: GINA TNG

Beyond financial gain, Ms. Tng sees real estate as a means of wealth creation and fulfillment of personal goals, exemplified by her recent acquisition of a larger property to accommodate her family and beloved pets. For her, integrity and reputation are paramount, ensuring a sustainable and gratifying career in the industry.