Tall Poppy


PHOTO: Co-Owner of Tall Poppy Sam McIntyre. Image: Supplied.

Tall Poppy Real Estate is the first real estate company outside of the United States and Canada to launch BombBomb, a new technology aimed at humanising digital communication in an increasingly online world.

BombBomb is a US-based video software service which enables people to record, send and track short videos for instant face to face communication. Working through Gmail, Outlook and on the iOS and Android networks, it has more than 40,000 users globally.

Co-Owner of Tall Poppy Sam McIntyre says studies show the words someone chooses to use in an email or in a conversation only account for seven per cent of total communication, the rest depends on how you say the words, and your body language.

“To be successful in the real estate market, we believe in the importance of building personal connections. Using video messaging like BombBomb enables everyone involved in buying or selling a house to communicates sincerely and immediately, easing what can be a stressful situation.”